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We help you send emails to real email addresses so you get real results. Fewer bouncebacks and higher value contacts mean a bigger ROI and a squeaky clean digital reputation.

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MX Record check

Verify the format and check if the MX record for the domain exists

Disposable Emails

Identify and flag temporary email accounts

Free Email Check

Verify if the email belongs to a free provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail

Role-Based Check

Confirm if the email address belongs to a role-based account

SMTP Check

Connect to a mail server and check if the mailbox exists

Typo Correction

Check for misspelled email addresses and suggest corrections

List Validation

Upload your email list and sift out duplicates and all the junk.

Validation API

Integrate easily with your website, app, or services


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Integrate with our API

Validate email inputs on the fly, prevent the "" submits, ignore the disposable accounts, drop the dreaded CAPTCHA. Thousands of use cases, just a few lines of code.


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We're not in the business of collecting your data.


Email addresses submitted for validation to our service via website or API are neither stored nor collected in any manner.

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